While they provide many of the same services, MedSpas can deliver treatments that require higher training, expertise, and certification. For instance, facials, cosmetic procedures, and skin care items are provided by both salons and medical spas. That being said, only medical professionals who are qualified aestheticians, nurse practitioners, or doctors may administer treatments using prescription, medical-grade materials like Juvederm. These treatments are more durable than simple cosmetics, but they should only be applied by trained specialists.

The difference in quality, attention, and results may make the treatments slightly more expensive than you would pay at your neighborhood day spa, but it is still worth it. Selecting a MedSpa for your aesthetic and anti-aging procedures provides more attention to detail, a lower chance of adverse effects, and overall better outcomes.

We provide a range of services and goods that target the most prevalent issues related to skin and appearance. Chemical peels, AviClear treatment, wrinkle reduction, hyperpigmentation reduction and other skin-rejuvenating procedures are among the techniques we provide; more intense treatments designed to address mild to advanced indications of aging are also available.

Professional face and body waxing procedures create the perfect canvas for all our services by leaving you with a smooth, silky surface.


Injectable therapies known as dermal fillers take the place of the hyaluronic acid that your body naturally generates. As you age, your body loses hormones, which causes your skin to become sunken, drooping, and wrinkled. Filler therapy also promotes collagen development, the building block of tighter, younger-looking skin.

We provide many Juvederm formulations, each tailored to target a distinct aesthetic concern on different facial regions. Up to nine months might pass between treatments before you require a touch-up.

Botox and face fillers are injectable procedures that target some of the same problems but function differently. Fillers inject a material beneath the skin to "fill" in wrinkles and creases and create fullness. Botox relaxes the underlying muscle and softens the features by blocking the release of hormones that control muscle contraction.

Botox is one of our most popular and reasonably priced options; a session may cost as little as $12 and last up to six months before you need a refill.


The optimal results of the AviClear treatment are typically observed approximately 4-12 weeks following the last treatment session. Clinical studies indicate that 80% of patients achieved a significant reduction in their acne.

MedSpas needs at least one licensed medical professional or trained aesthetician on staff to provide medical-grade procedures. If you have any questions, a MedSpa employee should be pleased to discuss their credentials and background with you.

Our owner is a double board-certified anesthesiology and Pain Management Physician and Surgeon, who is also renowned for aesthetic non-invasive procedures. A list of credentials is available at the facility and on our website.


The cost of MedSpa services is more of an investment when you weigh the long-term treatment costs against the continuous costs of serums and creams that, if they work at all, only produce temporary effects.

The final price is determined by several variables, such as:

  • Your age and the nature of the procedure
  • The amount and type of procedure
  • Whether it’s the first procedure or a refill

Initial consultations and two-week follow-ups are free.

Indeed, we do. We provide affordable memberships and membership specials, pricing, and bundle offers. Gold, Platinum and Diamond are the three membership categories that are offered every month. We have promotions for member pricings on all our procedures both at the medspa and pain management sections. Members also will receive a monthly complimentary service or product from our medspa.

BeautiFill sets itself apart by being a less invasive option for body contouring and fat transfer. Unlike traditional plastic surgery, BeautiFill uses local anesthesia and has a shorter recovery time, making it an appealing choice for those who prefer a quicker, less stressful experience.

We aim to provide complete satisfaction for our visitors and members. We'll do everything we can to address any problems or worries you may have promptly.

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